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We help you and your family hear. We offer hearing aids, hearing consultations and evaluations.

ITE, BTE, CIC & More

There are many styles of digital hearing aids available today. Take a look at the selection.

Experienced Hearing Consultants

Dedicated to comprehensive care in East Lansing, MI.

At Professional Hearing Consultants, we believe that your audiologist should provide you with care that’s tailored to you as an individual. From your first appointment on, our staff of audiology professionals will work with you to provide an accurate diagnosis, and a management plan that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our office is located East Lansing, MI for your convenience.

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Medical & Surgical Options

Our affiliated practice (Mid-Michigan Ear, Nose, and Throat) offers medical and surgical treatment for a wide range of hearing and vestibular disorders. We also administer hearing assessments, electronystagmograms (ENG), and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) evaluations.

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Other Compelling Reasons To Choose Professional Hearing Consultants

We are the largest and most experienced audiology practice in the greater East Lansing area. Our affiliation with Mid-Michigan Ear, Nose, & Throat allows us to comprehensively address our patients’ medical issues. We can provide you with information and fittings for assistive listening devices, which help hearing loss patients enjoy phone conversations, TV programs, and public events. We offer counseling for patients and families because we understand the emotional challenges that hearing loss presents.

You Are Our Priority

When you need an audiologist, turn to the caring staff at Professional Hearing Consultants. Our audiologists are available five days a weeks, and some services are covered by insurance policies. Schedule your consultation today, and be sure to ask about our 12-month-same-as-cash option through CareCredit.

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